We believe actions speak louder than words

 KALKATI is a company that offers consulting and certified training services

 in the Business-to-Business market.





KALKATI has as Mission  establishing partnerships which have the basis of transparency and trustfullness to create long and profitable relationships with clients and workers, offering at the same time professionalism, high qualification and specialization.



KALKATI ais to be recognized has a Company that provides value added consulting and training services with client focus, sharing experience and knowledge  to grant maximum client satisfaction. It also aims to support clients to reach their objectives and results always in the spirit of partnership and team work with  transparency, trust and professional ethics as the basis to a performance of maximized quality and profit.

Our Values


HUMAN VALUE – We care about people 

SPECIALIZATION VALUE –  Qualification day by day  

INNOVATION VALUE – High technology and constant innovation

FINANCIAL VALUE – Benefits and added value to partners and workers

SOCIAL VALUES – Contribute to the increase of our community wealth